So you’re sick and tired of your current neighborhood, or you want to move to the other side of town to be closer to the new love of your life, or you’ve recently incurred a lot of debts and you need move into a smaller apartment. Thing is, a good number of us would end up finding ourselves in situations where we have to sell our old homes before moving into newer ones. And of course, we would love to have a decent return on investment while selling our homes, considering the money, time and energy we’ve expended on it. There’s one easy thing you should do to make it easier to sell your Santa Cruz Real Estate for a decent price.  So here’s why you should consider home staging.

There are certain products you see sitting quietly on shelves in a supermarket which immediately grab your attention the moment you set your eyes on them.  What’s the simple secret? The manufacturers spent time and money to ensure their finished products were properly packaged. This is exactly what Home Staging is; packaging your home in Santa Cruz in such a way that would have a strong appeal for the largest number of prospective buyers. You can never know exactly how much positive impact Home Staging would have on a prospective buyer, but it certainly goes a long way.

As time passes, so does everything on the face of the earth age. Your house isn’t an exception and this is one of the major factors which a buyer would leverage to try to offer you less money than required. Nobody wants to buy goods that are visibly depreciated for huge amounts of money and this is how Home Staging helps you out. Experts in the field of Home Staging know how to overhaul both the interior and exterior of your home, while addressing the defects, all in a bid to put your house in tip-top shape before you put it on the market. Think of it like making a bride up for her wedding day.

Home Staging techniques come in various forms, either by attempting to influence the buyers directly through renovating the property or psychologically, by focusing on aesthetics. However, the common goal is to make the sale of the house much more profitable. Direct renovation may involve repainting, repairing broken walls, worn flooring, or old windows while aesthetics might involve renting beautiful furniture and flowers and placing them strategically in the renovated room.

One thing you must bear in mind with Home Staging is that it should be done from the buyer’s perspective, and this is where your Santa Cruz Realtor® comes in. Most buyers like their house to be well-lit and spacious, and will look down on any property that looks small or clumsy to them because of poorly managed space. Thus, renting and arranging furniture in your house in an appropriate manner (even if you never used any) and painting with colors that make the house look spacious, shows the buyer how good the house could look when he or she finally makes the purchase and moves in.

When you’re putting your house out there, ensure that your buyers fall in love with it at first sight. Before you roll out that ad, be sure to consult your Realtor® to help you put it in great shape. Home Staging isn’t a waste of resources, rather it’s an important investment to make to ensure you make maximum profit from your old house.